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Teaching and composition have been the two main phases in John Wetzel's work. From 1993 to 1998, he taught a course he created for the Medical College Admissions Test in Atlanta, Georgia. In his small group course, you would find a great deal of give-and-take questioning and careful, active listening. After years of intense, close work with many students, John Wetzel learned a great deal about helping students to build an integrated, structured scientific understanding. Many doctors now practicing in the Southeast are his former students.
He taught small groups the complete cycle of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Organic Chemistry over fifty times, an incredibly demanding but also rewarding experience. Immersed in this work over these years, he created a method of teaching the undergraduate sciences in a combined course with an interdisciplinary, spiraling curriculum. Within a spiraling curriculum, students are exposed to a number of important concepts early. As the curriculum progresses, students return to those concepts again and again expanding on the foundation established earlier.
College students are hampered by the modular, disconnected way that science is taught at the undergraduate level. In the standard undergraduate curriculum, Physics is not made useful for the teaching of General Chemistry, and the Physical Sciences are not present in the discussion of Biology in any meaningful way. It is a mistake for Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology to be taught as four, separate, ten-semester-hour courses at the university. The general sciences should be taught as a two-year, forty-semester-hour combined, spiraling program. It is unrealistic to imagine changing rooted educational practice, but convincingly pointing out the problem does help students understand how to remediate their scientific understanding. A spiraling, interdisciplinary review course can transform the mass of disconnected concepts accumulated over an undergraduate career into an integrated, structured understanding. This method can make preparing for the Medical College Admissions Test a profound educational experience.
For the last seven years, the second phase of John Wetzel's work has been in composition. He and his colleagues at Wisebridge have been working to make the educational experience of his course portable through traditional publication and online media. The publications are now rolling out. The first two available are the Learning System for Physics and the Organic Chemistry Mechanisms Pocketbook. Additionally, an online Learning Program is transitioning to the website this year. This learning program includes the Interdisciplinary Campus, which is a visual learning management tool, and the Interconnectedness Discussions. The Interconnectedness Discussions represent more than a quarter million words of two and three paragraph commentaries associated with different phases of the spiraling, combined Wisebridge course. This Learning Program will be an open-access resource, free on the web.
The Wisebridge Learning Systems business model involves making our open access projects possible through the sale of a few, reasonably priced publications. These publications are the best products of their type. Please consider purchasing a Wisebridge Learning Systems item while you are visiting. Our work represents a great deal of capability and effort dedicated to improving science education.

Wisebridge Learning System for Physics

500 Concept & Question Cards with Over 1000 Illustrations

Carefully designed to be interesting and useful to learning, the Wisebridge Learning System for MCAT and Advanced Placement physics helps students achieve a solid grasp of college physics. This set of learning cards contains over 500 Concept, Summary and Question Cards with over 1000 illustrations, comprising a comprehensive learning system that teaches intuitive, conceptual fluency. The Wisebridge Physics Flashcards were specifically created to help students preparing for the MCAT or AP Physics Exam (B or C), and they employ specifically designed systems to teach you how to think like the test-writers. This learning system will greatly enrich your understanding of physics and help you achieve an excellent performance on your exam.

Clear * Comprehensive * Innovative

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Make Physics Your Strength

Organic Mechanisms Pocketbook

A Resource for Understanding and Retention

  • College Course Review
  • MCAT Preparation
  • Laboratory Reference
The Wisebridge Organic Reaction Mechanisms Pocket-Book helps students overcome one of the most formidable challenges of undergraduate science, the reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry. Presenting the mechanisms in a clear, straight-forward way, this unique book makes learning and retaining them manageable.

Each reaction mechanism is presented fully and accompanied by clear, insightful commentary. Published on heavy duty card-stock, the Organic Reaction Mechanisms Pocket-Book is a durable study companion.

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