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Wisebridge Learning System for Physics

500 Concept & Question Cards with Over 1000 Illustrations

  • Over 500 Concept, Question, and Summary Cards
  • More than 1000 Figures and Illustrations
  • Thoughtful Questions and Clear Explanations
  • Straightforward Conceptual Guidance
  • Effective Test-Taking Strategies
Carefully designed to be interesting and useful to learning, the Wisebridge Learning System for Physics helps students achieve a solid grasp of college physics. This set of learning cards contains over 500 Concept, Summary and Question Cards with over 1000 illustrations. It comprises a comprehensive learning system that teaches intuitive, conceptual fluency. As an assistant for comprehensive exam preparation or as a companion for lecture course, the Wisebridge Learning System for Physics will enrich your understanding of physics and lay the groundwork for success on your comprehensive exam covering undergraduate physics.

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Organic Mechanisms Pocketbook

A Resource for Understanding and Retention

  • College Course Review
  • MCAT Preparation
  • Laboratory Reference
The Wisebridge Organic Reaction Mechanisms Pocket-Book helps with one the most formidable challenges of undergraduate science, the reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry. Presenting the mechanisms in a clear, straight-forward way, this unique book makes learning and retaining them manageable. Each reaction mechanism is presented fully and accompanied by clear, insightful commentary. Published on heavy duty card-stock, the Organic Reaction Mechanisms Pocket-Book is a durable study companion

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